Monday, January 16, 2006

I HAVE SOME SECRETS FOR YOU is a Blog that I want to use to share unknown, often new and exclusive information about secret history. In this Blog, I'll try to transmit documented information that are the result of serious research. My main objective will always be to critic accepted perceptions and opinions about current events, politics and history, recent or old. And thus, in each post, to unveil some secrets to you.
As you’ll soon see, I’m quite interested in the JFK assassination. Since 12 years, I spend a lot of time researching it and, humbly, I do believe I have found out a few information about it that should be known by the public. I even wrote and published a book about it: De Dallas à Montréal, la filière montréalaise dans l’assassinat de JFK. Yes, it was in French. I’m am in fact a Québécois –a French Canadian*, for those of you that are not aware that Québec is a Canadian province where French is the majority language (it’s not a big secret, but, for those that didn’t knew that, at least you just learn something new).
More to come in the Blog…

Thanks for reading,

Maurice Philipps

*Since my first language is French, you shall excuse that my English writing may be less than perfect. On the other hand if you are French speaking or if you’ll like to exercise your French you can write me in Molière’s language.


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