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On October 10 1963, US Customs Agents at Laredo, Texas arrested Lucien Rivard’s courrier and make the second most important seizure of narcotics of the time. The heroin was coming from Mexico and was furnished by Paul Mondolini, a Santos Trafficante associate and a relation of French agent Michel-Victor Mertz that was expelled from Dallas the day after John F. Kennedy assassination.

Eight months later, in June 1964, after Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy gave order to start extradition process against them, Lucien Rivard and his accomplices Julien Gagnon, Raymond Jones and Charles-Emile Groleau were arrested in Canada.

With Carmine Galante (above right) and his right hand man Salvatore Giglio (down left) Lucien Rivard ( down right) was in fact one of the top lieutenant of Jos Bonanno, the supreme chief of Montreal organized crime, that was seen by some as one of the planners of the JFK assassination.

NB: Bonanno’s implication in the JFK assassination is not commonly accepted. In fact, excepted for a mention from David Copeland (alias William Torbitt) in his Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal, Bonanno’s name is rarely seen in the JFK assassination literature. Interestingly enough, in this manuscript, Bonanno is named as an associate of Major Louis Mortimer Bloomfield, a Montreal lawyer that was Clay Shaw’s associate in Permindex and the Centro Mondiale Commerciale. And lot more about Bloomfield will be said in this blog…


Blogger The Avenger said...

Michel Mertz was in Dallas Texas, when JFK was killed, and was arrested by the US Border Patrol within 48 hours afterwards, and thrown out of the Country.
In the opinions of many, Mertz was either
1. One of the gunmen who killed Kennedy
2. The logistics expert in charge of coordinating the Dealey Plaza execution.
Maybe, he was both.
Mertz died in 1995.

1:14 AM  
Blogger The Avenger said...

Michel Mertz was in Dallas when JFK was killed.
He was arrested and thrown out of the country by the US Border Patrol within 48 hours after being arrested.
Mertz met with CIA agent E. Howard Hunt and General Edwin Walker just months before the murder of JFK.
Mertz was connected to New Orleans Mafia Godfather Carlos Marcello, Florida Godfather Santo Trafficante, and Chicago Godfather Sam Giancana, who had the motive, means, and opportunity to kill JFK.
Mertz is believed by many JFK assassinaton researchers to have been either:
1. One of the gunmen in Dallas (possibly the "Grassy Knoll" gunman)
2. The logistics expert who coordinated the execution in Dallas.
Is it a coincidence that Mertz, a professional drug smuggler, and killer, with CIA and Mafia links, was arrested after JFK was killed?
That he was in Dallas when JFK was killed?
That someone in the Justice Department let him leave the country shortly after he was arrested?
That the French Government contacted the US government and informed them of their suspicions of Mertz having possibly been involved in the JFK murder?
Mertz died in 1995.

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