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Even if most researchers of the JFK assassination may dismiss entirely the possibility that Lee Harvey Oswald made a trip to Montreal in the Summer of 1963, some researchers invested lot of efforts to find out the truth about this rumor.

For one, researcher Gary Shaw who initiated many FOIA requests on the JFK assasination, went at length to obtain more files about the reported sighting of Oswald in Montreal. Shaw even went as far as filing court procedures against the FBI to obtain an album of photographs of the Quebec-Washington-Guantanamo walk for peace, listed in Warren Commission exhibits listing. The photographs were annexed to a heavily redacted FBI memorandum dealing with allegations that Lee Harvey Oswald was in Montreal during the Summer of 1963.

Not small hearsay rumours, the allegations were in fact an official report from a US Customs senior representative to the effect that a Canadian Custom and Excise investigator (Jean-Paul Tremblay) saw Lee Harvey Oswald distributing Fair Play for Cuba Committee leaflets in Montreal. The report even stated that the investigator was able to identified two individuals that were distributing leaflets with Oswald from photographs taken during the Quebec-Washington-Guantanamo Walk for peace.

After many court orders, appeals and reversals, in 1984 the FBI succeed to keep the photo album away from Gary Shaw and the public eye.

But 8 years later, in 1992, the JFK Records Act forced the FBI to open its files, and the album, with lot of other documents on Oswald’ Montreal sighting, were made available at the National Archives. I was able to consult and photocopy them during a short visit in 1996. To my knowledge, nobody ever published them.

In the present series of posts, I will put online the ten photographs that were in this album and new un-redacted memos that even specify the name of one man that was distributing FPCC leaflets with Oswald.
Photograph #1 and #2 of this album are reproduced below.

They are the most interesting of them all because, according to Jean-Paul Tremblay, characters #1 and #2 (the two at the left) were with Oswald in Montreal. In a memo that I will also reproduce in the next post, character #1 is identified as Fred Moore, an important figure of the USA non-violent movement of the sixties. Was Oswald sent in Montreal to infiltrate this movement? That’s what we will discuss in the next posts.


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