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The Permindex’s Genius :
a 33rd degree Freemason

The Bloomfield Archives are not only shedding new light on Louis Bloomfield activities during the Second World War, they are containing unpublished information on his relation to many post-war historical events. After all that was wrote on Louis M. Bloomfield and Permindex, and their possible link to the JFK assassination, the archives, for the first time in 40 years, bring solid, valid new information on Bloomfield’s activities, not only in relation to Permindex but also to various other historical subjects, such as the Rothschild family and opening of relations with Communist China.

For everybody interested in the JFK assassination, the information concerning Permindex are the more interesting of all. As you may know, Permindex (a contraction for Permanent Industrial Exhibition) was a subsidiary of the Centro Mondiale Commerciale (CMC), a company that had on his board of directors Louis Bloomfield and none other then Clay Shaw, the New Orleans businessman put on trial by Attorney Jim Garrison for conspiracy against President John F. Kennedy. This indictment was the subject of Oliver Stone’s film JFK.

Since 1968, Louis Bloomfield’s relation with Clay Shaw, through Permindex and CMC, was reported first in newspapers, then in books and now on the Internet. More then anything else, the fact that those Italian companies were considered as fronts for the CIA bring many to identify Bloomfield as Shaw’s co-conspirator. Furthermore, since Bloomfield was registered as Permindex’s main shareholder many saw him as the head of this shadowy corporation and, therefore, as the chief engineer of the JFK assassination.

A Freemason Genius

Whatever was Permindex connection with the JFK assassination in 1963, Bloomfield’s documents dating from years 1959 and 1960 show that, at their beginning, CMC and Permindex were trying to capitalize from the real estate boom provoked by the 1960 Olympics held in Rome.

Those documents expose that, at that time, Louis Bloomfield was acting more as private banker than as lawyer and was trying to interest investors in the Permindex real estate speculation. But while he was doing that from Canada, the real head of the company wasn’t Bloomfield, but a man with connections to the Savoy Italian Royal family, that after World War II was expelled from Italy.

Correspondences exchanged between Bloomfield and various potential investors show that Permindex’s Italian director, George Mantello, was the real head of the corporation, or to quote a Bloomfield’s letters from March 24, 1960: “the guiding genius in this whole operation”.

An historic figure, Mantello, A.K.A. George Mandel, was a Romanian Jew who during World War II worked for the Salvadorian consulate in Geneva and opposed Nazi deportation of Jews by furnishing them false immigration papers. Mantello is also credited for having made public, in1944, the Auschwitz Protocol, the first reliable report on the operation of the concentration camp.

Mantello’s role in Permindex was known since the Sixties. But what was unknown before now is his connection to Italian Freemasonry. This revelation is found in the same March 24, 1960 letter where Louis Bloomfield wrote that George Mantello was a Freemason of the 33rd degree, the highest rank of this secret society.

Bloomfield, in order to reassure an investor on the profitability of the Permindex real estate deal, explained why Mantello was able to buy some land from the exiled Savoy Italian Royal Family for a price that was “dirt cheap”. As Bloomfield explained: “(this) price was obtained through a curiously personal and exceptional situation between Mantello and the Royal Family, (inter alia, (a) he financed the Queen Mother in Switzerland during their entire stay when they were completely penniless; (b) he organized and financed the expedition which rescued Count Calvi, the King’s brother-in-law, just prior to his scheduled execution; and (c) he is a 33rd Degree Mason with the closest connections in the highest aristocratic circles.”

What is the meaning of such a connexion between Permindex, a suspected CIA front, and Freemasonry is still a matter of discussion. Some, who consider Masons as a social club will see nothing of interest in this fact. Others who know that CIA is full of members of Skull & Bones, a secret society of Masonic type, will find this revelation most significant. And the few that believe that President Abraham Lincoln assassination was the result of a conspiracy involving Confederate Albert Pike, a 33rd degree Freemason related to the Italian masonry, will be amazed to see that history seems to repeat itself.

Whatever is our evaluation of this revelation, the fact is that, for the first time in more then 40 years, the Bloomfield Archives reveal a documented connection between Permindex and Italian Freemasonry, and not an insignificant one since what we do learn from this document is that the “genius” behind Permindex was a Freemason of the highest possible rank.

The March 24, 1960 letter containing this exclusive revelation is enclosed in one of two bonded books containing copy of Louis Bloomfield 1960 outgoing correspondence. This letter and many others detailed how the Permindex real estate deal was built in a complex fashion involving other corporations such as CMC, and Marina Reale, a Panama front.

On pretext that some individual letters in those books may possibly contain privileged lawyer-client information, Library and Archives Canada (LAC) is holding from the public the entire letters books dating from year 1961 and more. By this abusive procedure, LAC is keeping secret hundreds of Bloomfield letters related to Permindex and dated from the crucial years 1961 to 1964.

It is quite possible that this LAC course of action was due to some low level decisions from civil servants ignorant of the true historical significance of the Bloomfield Archives. I do hope that LAC’s direction now understand the importance of those documents and will take the decision to make them available. By doing so LAC will not only respect the right of the public to access this historical information, but also the will of its donator, Louis M. Bloomfield, that LAC is knowingly disrespecting.

(To be continued.)


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