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After Jim Garrison charged Clay Shaw, director of the New Orleans International Trade Mart, of conspiracy in the JFK assassination, and following revelation that Shaw was one of the directors of Rome Centro Mondiale Commerciale (CMC), many observers tried to find out what was the relation between Shaw’s International Trade Mart and CMC--Permindex’s mother corporation. Furthermore, since Centro Mondiale Commerciale translated in English as “World Trade Center”, many were wondering if there was any link between Permindex and the World Trade Center organization, which most prominent establishment was the New York City’s WTC, David Rockfeller’s creation.  

Such a connection between David Rockfeller’s WTC and Permindex would be significant because it would link the shadowy Permindex, this mysterious international corporation which did vanish in thin air after JFK assassination, to the Rockefeller’s omnipotent organization composed of institutions such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group, entities who, far from disappearing since the Sixties, now seem to control the world’s politic, not to say the world itself. Remember also that, even if “World Trade Center” is today a commonly known appellation and even if there is now more than 300 WTCs established around the planet, the concept of the “World Trade Center” was something unheard of in 1960. For instance, Clay Shaw’s organization in New Orleans was an “International Trade Mart” and in the Sixties was complementary to an “International House” with which it merged only in 1985 to form a WTC.

Interestly enough, the Louis M. Bloomfield Archives, hold by Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa, contain some documents proving that Roman CMC was the inspiration for the WTC concept and that a relation existed between Permindex and David Rockefeller. Furthermore, those documents show that Ferenc Nagy, a former Hungarian Prime Minister who had strong contacts with the CIA, was the direct liaison between Permindex and Rockefeller.

In a February 4th, 1960 letter, Louis Bloomfield wrote from its Montreal law office to Dr Ernest Wolf, a Permindex’s directors residing in Basle, Switzerland:
“You’ll be pleased to hear that David Rockefeller had a meeting yesterday with Dr Nagy, which I was unable to attend on account of my present physical condition. It was a great success. Mr. Rockefeller pointed out that it may take considerable time before his own project is realized and suggested immediate collaboration the form of which I shall discuss with Mr. Rockefeller on my meeting with him in a week or so, when I am better able to travel. In the meantime, Mr. Rockefeller contacted the Chairman of the New York Port Authority, which is the principal mover of the scheme for New York and which is a multi-billion dollar independent concern, to start technical discussions on collaboration.”
Bloomfield completed this letter by informing Wolf that Permindex’s literature shall be distributed by the U.S. Department of Commerce and its 33 field offices, according to an article that was published in the February 1, 1960 issue of Foreign Commerce Weekly.
Six days later, on February 10th, Louis Bloomfield reported the developments on his negotiation with Rockefeller in the middle of a letter that, once again, reflects the confusion reigning between the Permindex’s partners, a subject that we saw previously in this blog. In this document, Bloomfield wrote to Dr Ernst W. Imfeld, the Zurich lawyer whom the 1996 Swiss Independant Commission of Experts to investigate Switzerland’s role in the Nazi period did identify as an associate of SS Friedrich Kadgien, a Nazi involved in “criminal methods for acquiring currency, securities and diamonds stolen from Jewish victims” (see previous post in this blog).

Bloomfield stated:
“I am going to New York tonight for very important meeting with Dr. Nagy, the Port of New York Authority and Mr. David Rockefeller’s personal representative, on a scheme of collaboration between the two groups. (…) Following the meetings tomorrow and Friday, we are to have a second meeting with Mr. David Rockefeller some time next week, but in view of the cries and complaints from the shareholders, I have no alternative but to postpone my meeting with Mr. Rockefeller in order to examine the situation in Europe on the spot.”

In a next blog entry, we will come back to this document and on the conflict between Bloomfield and his European shareholders and analyze the hints this last letter give us relatively to the Permindex hierarchical structure. For now, let’s focus on the Permindex-Rockefeller connection.

First of all, we should take note that even if Montreal lawyer Louis Bloomfield kept his European partners informed about the Rockefeller meetings, he didn’t consult them or seek their approval. From the two above letters, it is clear that only Bloomfield and Dr. Ferenc Nagy are involved in the negotiations with Rockefeller, and more specifically that Nagy is the one that did initiate this contact and had –alone– the first meeting with David Rockefeller. That is a detail quite revealing.

In the previous Bloomfield Archives’ Permindex documents reproduced in this blog, we saw that the “genious” behind Permindex was Georges Mantello, a 33rd degree Freemason who, through its contacts with the Savoy Royal family, was able to obtain Roman lands at “dirt cheap” price. From those documents, we also noticed that the management of the Permindex corporation relied in the hands of directors such as Italians Georges Mantello and his son Enrico, and Swiss Drs. Ernest Wolf and E. W. Imfeld. We also saw that Permindex’s primary business was to speculate on those lands through the creation of societies (Capocatta, Marina Reale) in which international investors (like Edmund de Rothschild from Paris, Hans Seligman from Switzerland, or Montreal attorney Stanley Vineberg) took speculative participations. But what we are now witnessing is that, apart of those real estate deals, in the matter of CMC’s chore business, that is of its international trade promotion activities, Permindex’s true leader was Dr Ferenc Nagy; the man that took the initiative to meet David Rockefeller alone in New York and whose actions are only reported to CMC’s European directors through Louis Bloomfield’s short letters.

The leadership role of Dr. Nagy in Permindex is important to acknowledge because as we will learn in the next chapter of this blog, Ferenc Nagy was a cleared CIA contact and, according to declassified secret documents, he did offer to put Permindex at the disposition of the Central Intelligence Agency,



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